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Last revised on 07 March 2017

Here at Magda's Art Your Privacy Matters

My philosophy at Magda's Art is “clients first.” This is what I base all my business decisions on, including how I gather, use and store your personal information.

I have created the policy below to be as clear and straightforward as possible. My aim is for you — my subscribers — to always feel informed and empowered with respect to your privacy here at Magda's Art.




My mission is to provide my loyal subscribers with firsthand knowledge about any specials running on any artworks/prints I sell. I also like to spoil my clients from time to time with discounts only available to my subscriber's list.

I protect your personal information in an encrypted database to which only I have access. Your information is only used for newsletters and communication with respect to orders. The database is secured by back up that is also encrypted.

I will never share your information, unless required by law, and I will always let all my subscribers know when I make any changes to this Privacy Policy. When changes are made to this Policy, I will also Display a banner on my home page for at least a week before it is effective.

This Privacy Policy applies to


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Information Collection and Usage


If you have any concern about providing information to Magda's Art to be used in any manner permitted in this Privacy Policy and the User Agreement, you should not subscribe to the Newsletters. If you have already subscribed, you can unsubscribe like this or via a link at the bottom of any Newsletter sent to you.

I collect your personal information in the following ways:

1. Subscription
When you subscribe to the Magda's Art mailing list, the following information is collected:

  • Name and surname
  • email address

2. Placing an order
When you order a product directly from Magda's Art (via email), the following information will be required:

  • Name and surname
  • email adress and/or phone number
  • physical address
  • Any information needed to process payment - for your safety, I do recommend you paying via PayFast.

After completion of the transaction, all your personal information will be deleted from Magda's Art client list. However, if you are subscribed to the Newsletter, your name and email address will be kept until you unsubscribe.

3. Customer service
When you contact Magda's Art for any help or enquiries, the following details will be asked for:

  • Name and surname
  • email address / phone number

(If you contacted Magda's Art via telephone, you may ask that we call you back for the enquiry.) In this case, your email address and/or phone number will be kept only until the enquiry is dealt with to your satisfaction. (Your email address may, however still be on record if you have also subscribed to the Newsletter - to remove it, you need to unsubscribe from the mailing list.)


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How to Control your Information


The only personal information kept by Magda's Art in the long-term, is your Name and email address for sending out the Newsletters if you subscribed to it.

If you wish to change the email address for you subscription, simply send an email to with "Subscriber email change" as the subject line. Please also provide your name, the old email address as well as the new email address.

If you wish to be removed from the Mailing list, you can:

  • Send an email to with your name and email address. State 'Unsubscribe' in your subject line - Magda's Art honours all such requests. Magda's Art does not wish to be a nuisance to any clients. If you wish to contact Magda's Art in future, you can be sure to find contact details again on
  • OR
  • Click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of your Newsletters received from Magda's Art.

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Important Information


We will notify you when we change this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy at Magda's Art may change from time to time. If any changes in the way your personal information is treated, or to the Privacy Policy is made, notice will be provided to you on the website - Privacy Policy page or by some other means, such as email. Please review the changes carefully. If you object to any of the changes to our terms and you no longer wish to use our Services, you may remove you personal information by unsubscribing to the Newsletter.

Magda's Art do not share any of your personal information with third parties for direct marketing.


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